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Businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents are now responsible for collecting and managing these materials so they can be recycled. Multi-Material BC (MMBC), a non-profit organization financed by these businesses, is now responsible for residential recycling programs in many areas across BC, either directly or by working with local governments, First Nations, private companies and non-profit organizations.

Through MMBC’s packaging and printed paper recycling program, many BC residents are now able to recycle types of packaging that were not commonly included in curbside, multi-family and depot collection programs, including milk cartons, foam containers and packaging, plant pots, aluminum foil packaging, certain types of plastic film packaging and drink cups.

MMBC is among more than 20 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs introduced in BC over the past two decades. Through these programs, industry is responsible for end-of-life management of items such as beverage containers, electronics, paint, used oil, tires and batteries. EPR is a way for businesses to manage the environmental impact of products during all stages of the product lifecycle, from selecting the materials used in production to collection and recycling when a product is no longer useful.

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MMBC Members

MMBC’s members are retailers, restaurants, importers, manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers that supply packaging, and organizations such as insurance companies and banks that supply printed paper, such as statements, to BC residents.

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