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Remember to:

  • Empty and rinse containers
  • Remove caps, pumps and lids and place loose in container box
  • Return deposit containers for refund

recycling guide

Click on the image below to download the 2016 – 2017 Coquitlam Recycling Guide. The Recycling Guide outlines how to sort your recycling, shows what is not accepted, and includes a collection calendar. You can also download the Multi-Material BC app from Google Play or the iTunes App store to access your collection schedule online, search for depots, and sign up for reminders.


Address Search

Use our address search tool to view your curbside recycling collection schedule and nearest MMBC depots. You can also sign up for reminders and import your schedule into your online calendar.


What can I recycle?

Information on the materials accepted in MMBC’s packaging and printed paper recycling program is available here.

How should I sort my recycling?

Please sort your curbside recycling as follows:

  • Use either or both of the reusable recycling bags for printed paper and paper packaging that held dry products (shoes, crackers, etc.). Corrugated cardboard that does not fit in this bag can be flattened and tied in bundles and placed beside your recycling box.
  • Use the dark blue box for containers (plastic, aluminum, steel, etc.) and paper cups and cartons (coffee cups, milk cartons etc.).
  • Use the light blue box for non-deposit glass bottles and jars.

Why do I need to sort glass into a separate box?

MMBC asks for glass containers to be separated from other recyclables because glass can easily break during collection. When broken glass mixes with paper and other containers it becomes difficult to properly recycle these materials, meaning that less glass—and less of the other material—is recycled. Broken glass is also a safety hazard. By separating glass containers from other recycling, more will be recycled. Please take deposit containers to a depot for refund.

Is there a limit to how much recycling I can put out? What if I have more recycling than fits into my recycling boxes and bag?

There is no limit to how much recycling you can set out. If all of your materials do not fit in your recycling box and bag, please try consolidating them. For example, bulky plastic milk jugs, milk cartons, and boxes can be flattened; smaller metal cans be placed inside larger metal cans; plastic containers can be fitted inside each other (e.g. yogurt containers), etc. If you have additional recyclables that do not fit into your blue boxes and bag, these can be placed in a rigid container of your choice, such as a laundry hamper. Corrugated cardboard that does not fit in your bag can be flattened, tied in bundles no larger than 8” thick (20 cm) x 30” wide (78 cm) x 30” tall, and placed between your boxes.

If you regularly have more recycling than your boxes can accommodate, you might want to purchase another, as long as the container is similar in size and shape to your existing one. Most hardware stores carry blue boxes of different sizes and you can purchase additional containers by contacting Smithrite Disposal at or 604-529-4011.

Do I have to pay for curbside recycling collection?

No. Under the BC Recycling Regulation, businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents are responsible for managing recycling programs. MMBC uses fees paid by businesses to pay for curbside recycling in Coquitlam.

How do I get recycling containers?

Please contact Smithrite Disposal, the company that MMBC selected to collect curbside recycling in Coquitlam, for recycling containers.

Phone: 604-529-4011

Do I have to pay for replacement recycling containers?

MMBC will replace each container once per household, free of charge. Should your household request multiple replacement containers, you will be asked to pay for the second and subsequent replacements. To request new containers, please contact Smithrite Disposal at or 604-529-4011.

Does this recycling program impact garbage collection?

No. MMBC’s packaging and printed paper recycling program does not affect garbage collection.

When is recycling collected?

Curbside recycling collection is weekly, on the same day as green waste collection. Please check the Curbside Recycling Guide or address search tool for your collection day.

Is my local government involved with this recycling program?

No. Your local government no longer provides curbside collection of residential packaging and printed paper. As of May 19, 2014, per BC’s Recycling Regulation, the businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to residents are responsible for financing the collection and recycling of these materials. MMBC works on behalf of these businesses to manage the program.

Who do I contact with questions about my recycling collection?

In Coquitlam, curbside recycling is collected by Smithrite Disposal. If you have questions about your recycling collection or need additional information, please contact Smithrite at:
Phone: 604-529-4011


Collection questions or need information?

Contact Smithrite Disposal Ltd.
Phone: 604-529-4011

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